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At NuuED we aspire to help everyone achieve their ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient in life by improving yourself.

Proven to Raise Your Reading Levels by 70% in 2 Weeks!



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Learners build confidence when using NuuEDScore’s service. The unique and robust system delivers custom-tailored content based on who you are as a learner by identifying your personality and learning style through an image-based system. Our system then provides custom skills and career content.

Provides a personalized career matching analysis.

Identifies Learning Personality.

Calculates scoring in 18 different skill sets.

Generate detailed reports.

Helps you attain new job skills

How It Works


Register yourself on the platform with complete details.


Our assessment will be fast, easy and fun! Our questions are subjective and image-based.

Get Your Scores

Not just numbers! Our score gauges give a detailed analysis report, which helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses.


We give you customized recommendations based on your score. This will help you improve skills and acquire new skills.

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Product Highlights

Image-Based Assessments

Initial Personality and Learning Style Results

Skills Recommendations

Career Recommendations

Raise Your Reading Levels by 70% in 2 Weeks!

When we started NuuED we tested the system at Benjamin Franklin Middle School and found that the system raised reading levels by 70% in 2 weeks.

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