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Derrick Oneal

Founder, Chief Relationship Officer, and life-long learner


Derrick Oneal is a basketball junkie, an author, a coach, and an adventurist.

Derrick considers his own dyslexia to be a humbling and powerful motivation.  It taught him that each of us learns in a different way.  His empathy for the challenges faced by others on their own educational paths inspired him to found NuuED, Inc.


Location:  San Francisco – the most beautiful city in the world.

What I do:  Run an educational tech startup.

My Learning Personality is:  Aural & Visual. If I hear it & see it, I understand it better.

Both the Learning Personality Analysis Process & the Learning Objective Guide have helped me to better understand myself.  They’ve given me early indicators of who I am and how to help others. And since we all see things differently and are unique, I know how to adjust myself to deal with other individuals.

What is an unusual thing about you?

I must take a power nap every day.  45 minutes–I get mad when I can’t get my nap!

How do you recharge?  How do you reboot yourself?

Boxing at the gym – a 30-minute class, three days a week helps to relieve stress & also get my heart pumping. What a great workout!

What is the strangest way you’ve ever learned something?

On the fly, during a rainstorm, on a dark road!  I had to change my tire. I’d never changed a tire in my life!

What are you currently reading, or what’s something you’d recommend?

I’m not reading anything at the moment.  But I like reading books on Sales & Marketing. I’d recommend:  Who Moved My Cheese?

I love the premise: “If you don’t change, you can become extinct.”

Current favorite technology

The YouTube service. I love this! Because I’m Visual Aural, it helps me to learn anything that I want to learn! If I can see it & hear it, I get it!

What’s the biggest learning leap you’ve ever taken?

My Mentor helped me to overcome my weakness by pushing me to do things I don’t like doing…like
reading (I struggle, that’s why I created an Ed Tech platform to help others who struggle with reading). He suggested I go to
YouTube to help me understand how to do a particular thing instead. I’ve learned from negative things in life: Don’t be afraid
to try something that’s not yet perfect. Turn your flaws into strengths.

Negative comments have helped me to make my service better (Thanks for the great suggestions everyone).

What are you learning about right now?

How to be patient with others. Everyone sees things differently.

Why I Founded NuuED

“A brighter future for the next generation is in technology and helping them to get prepared is what motivates me every day.”


Derrick takes an active role in promoting technology education, positive diversity, and community involvement.

He regularly participates in the Barbershop Forum and in the Black Chamber of Commerce.

What have you had to learn to get where you are today?

To have patience, drive, perseverance and pride & to never give up on your dreams! Never let people tell you what you can’t do!  I went from “I Can’t to I Can.

What is your favorite failure?

I know it sounds strange, but I trusted someone to deliver a product, gave them my money– and they didn’t deliver the product.  They basically stole my money.  I had aligned myself with negative people; I was surrounded by the wrong teammates & people
who had their own agenda for being my friend and helping me.

What new belief, habit, skill, or behavior, which you have learned in the last 5 years, has impacted your life in the most positive way?

Performing my due diligence. Paying attention to the 80% of what I do! The details are vital to me. I used to get caught up in the glitz glamor of things.

If 100 of your closest friends together in a movie theater, what movie would you share with them?

Black Panther. It shows how a community can show togetherness, positivity, sharing technology and diversity with a black man as the hero.


If you had control of all the billboards in Times Square for 5 minutes, what message would you share?

“We’re all unique individuals”

“Never Give Up & Follow Your Dreams to Success”


If you didn’t have your current gig, what job would you most like to have?

I’d love to help raise money for educational programs.

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