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A Guest Post by Myron R. Ward

Myron R. Ward

Mr. Ward is a hiring manager at Pratt & Whitney, the designer and manufacturer of the engine for the F135 Lightning stealth fighter.

Education will always be important; however, it is important to understand that although a degree is essential in today’s environment, a degree will only get your foot in the door.

As a hiring manager, there are certain things I look for in potential candidates; for instance, your resume.

  • Is the resume’ well formatted?
  • Is it grammatically correct?
  • Does it paint a clear picture of your experience?

A mistake many people make is that they only give a list of what their duties were in their previous positions.  What I like to see is if there was a particular project you were lead on, or, was there a process you improved, and what was the impact of that improvement?

“I also take into account a person’s communication skills.  Can they clearly and concisely speak to the elements on their resume?”


Next, companies have always been, and will always be data-driven, and as technologies increase, it is becoming more important to have experience in that realm.  This is not to say that you have to be an expert; but as a manager, another thing I look for is what experience does the candidate have with working in Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access just to name a few.

Do you know what a pivot table is, or how to use the vlookup function in Excel?  These are things that will stand out in your resume and could be the one aspect that gives you an advantage of another potential candidate.

I recently conducted interviews for a position we were looking to fill.  I interviewed 3 potential candidates; each interview went very well.  They all had degrees, were well spoken, and had the experience I was looking for with working in the Logistics field.

There was one aspect that stood out for the person I eventually selected and extended an offer to; she had hands-on experience working in a database that we use in my company.  That person will now join our company with a great starting salary.

This could be you as well.

Good luck!

Myron R. Ward

Myron R. Ward

F135 Sustainment Supply Chain

Unit Level Readiness Manager

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