Why personality tests are important

Personality and aptitude tests (psychometrics) are key to managing people and also for better
understanding yourself. For students and learners it is important to take personality tests at
regular intervals to gain insights into individual traits and aptitudes.. This helps to not only
identify those which are required for work in certain careers, but also provides a starting
point for skill improvement.

Even though the question types and personality categorisation differ from test to test, they provide insight into the human psyche.

Reasons employers do not conduct PAT (Personality Assessment Tests) very often:-

  1. Costs: Cost is a big factor which keeps employers from conducting PAT at the workplace. It is often unaffordable for many hence limiting the use.
  2. Knowledge: Often the employers do not fully understand the value of PAT nor the real benefits it can bring to their organisation.
  3. Hiring Practices: Every organization has their unique hiring practices and usually due to above factors PAT are often not included in their recruitment process.

Reasons Schools/Colleges do not conduct PAT (Personality Assessment Tests) very often:-

  1. Costs: Just like businesses cost is a big determining factor for why institutions do not often conduct PAT’s.
  2. Administration: Due to the sheer number of students/learners in attendance, it sometimes discourages them from conducting personality assessment tests at their institutions.
  3. Post Assessment Challenges: Particularly in institutions there is no specific path defined as to what needs to be done post assessment. Majorly the issue is lack of content which can help learners make best use of the assessment results.

At NuuED Score we have done deep research to identify these issues before creating a product which can address all of the above roadblocks. We not only provide a detailed analysis report, but also tailored content (career path, skill gaps etc) which can help learners to look at their personality traits, aptitudes, and skill sets from a new perspective, one which can help them become better learners and help them grow within their work environment.

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