About NuuED Score

The vision and the people behind the passion

The NuuED Vision

Academic scores are valuable, and credit scores can affect your livelihood. In some instances, your credit score can be more valuable than cash.

The higher your score the more opportunities that are made available to you.

First, we identify your current scores, aptitude, and skill levels. Then we provide the recommendations to improve your skill levels. The result is that higher scores will help you be better prepared for life.

Our mission is about personal growth, increased aptitude, higher educational scores, and increased academic achievement.

By increasing your Education Credit Score, we believe you can better reach your goals in academics, business, and life.

We want to help you to achieve your goals and teach you how to monitor and manage your scores just as you do your financial credit scores.

Let NuuED Score be your teammate in education. Raise your score and get ready to soar!

You can soar with NuuED Score!

–Derrick Oneal, Founder of NuuED, Inc.

Meet Our Team

The members of NuuED’s leadership team have worked with some of the most respected and beloved brands around the globe.

Their strategic direction for NuuED focuses on amplifying and magnifying the efforts of every individual learner on the planet, fostering innovation, celebrating positive diversity, and advancing the latest technologies to deliver personalized learning to new markets around the world.

Derrick Oneal

Founder and the main driving force behind NuuED’s forge into edtech space. Derrick is a marketing maverick and idea accelerator who has worked in multiple industries prior to starting NuuED Inc. Derrick is based in Silicon Valley.

Lorin Morar

With a career spanning 30+ years in the software development industry & multiple domains, Lorin is utilizing his rich experience in developing the NuuEd product line. Lorin is based in Florida.

Douglas Den Hartog, Sr

A technology industry veteran and currently CEO of The Duke Group. Douglas was associated with Heald College, Brightstar, & Hayward Unified School District as part of Sr. management teams. Douglas is based in California

Dr. Sharon L Burton

She holds a DBA in Quality Systems Management, two MBA degrees, and 7 certifications. She delivers over three decades of strategic leadership competencies, consulting, and experience in corporations, government, and academia. She is based in Wilmington, DE.

NuuED Inc. provides a platform of online services which help learners, students, and trainees of all ages improve their skills.

Our services employ continuous user analytics and adaptive learning technologies to discover and refine the unique "learning fingerprint" of each user, and custom-tailors content for each user according to the manner in which they learn best.

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, our global delivery platform serves learners of all ages, everywhere.