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About NuuEDScore

Welcome to NuuEDScore – an educational algorithm that matches your unique needs and continuously finds services and resources that best fit your requirements.

The algorithm works in multiple ways from taking education, wellness, life skills, soft skills and learning style attitude tests to obtaining your reading aptitude by having you speak into a speaking algorithm. We will also ask you about your day and you can pick from emojis indicating your emotional state. Plus, your eating habits will also be taken into consideration and the algorithm will find resources accordingly.

To sum up, results are rendered via scoring gauges based on the test results and our Reactive Parallelism AI fits and finds resources that best match your results.

We hope you will find NuuEDScore helpful in finding the services or resources that best fit you.


At NuuEDScore, we strive to empower individuals to take control of their finances and make informed decisions about their future. We are committed to providing personalized solutions for each person's unique situation and offering guidance throughout the process.


NuuEDScore is dedicated to creating an equitable and accessible platform where everyone can find resources and pursue careers that match their individual needs.

One Solution

Do you ever feel like one size doesn't fit all when it comes to finances and career options? NuuEDScore solves this problem by creating an online platform that matches individuals to the resources, careers, and businesses that are best suited for them.

spiral the study buddy

Spiral is a study buddy app that uses AI-powered study assistance, flashcards and quizzes, goal setting and tracking, and study group collaboration features to help students learn more effectively. With personalized recommendations based on a student’s past performance and learning style, an extensive library of study materials, and tools for tracking progress and staying motivated, Spiral is designed to make studying more engaging and efficient. The app’s focus on student-centered learning aims to help students achieve their academic goals and succeed in their studies.

The better information about the virtual world.

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From reality to virtual reality

nuuEdScore journey

Six years ago, Nuuedscore (SaaS) embarked on developing cutting-edge AI technology software, resulting in the creation of Spiral, a study companion app, and Nuuedscore, an AI-based software for evaluating career paths, personality traits, learning styles, and skill sets. Spiral facilitated real-time collaboration and interactive quizzes for students, while Nuuedscore gauged user traits through a series of questions and presented the results visually using gauges. These products exemplify our unwavering commitment to innovation and fulfilling the evolving needs of our customers, thus laying the groundwork for the expansion of our AI software company.

Spiral the study buddy App

Nuuedscore Reactive Parallelism AI Software

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“NuuEdScore Adaptive Learning Platform was showcased in an independent study in reading comprehension conducted at Franklin Middle School in the Vallejo, California Unified School District”
NuuFITGO, a revolutionary NuuEDScore reactive parallelism AI software completely revolutionize the way you shop for your favorite items. This new way of retail shopping allows users to take a retail attitude test and get a generate customized shopping list tailored to their needs in just one click. Once you get your Tailored retail list uses click go and NuuFITGO generates a tailored map of the location in that store. Fit, Find , scan Go NuuFITGO.


We are proud to introduce NuuFITMeta, a cutting-edge 3D augmented reality platform that integrates all of our AI resources and years of expertise into a seamless experience. NuuFITMeta provides a unique learning and socializing environment that is tailored to individual skills and interests across all age groups. Our revolutionary approach combines 3D augmented reality training with meta-verse social environments, making it a key driver for long-term success in self-improvement. The potential impact of NuuFITMeta on various markets is immense, particularly in education and business. Its utilization in places like schools and workplaces has the potential to bring significant benefits to individuals and organizations alike.

NuuFitMeta Verse World

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“Real-time insights into student understanding through interactive lessons, interactive videos, gamification, and activities — all in a single platform. Nuufitmeta revolutionary algorithm converts contents into live training simulators.”

Same Model Different Industry

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