NuuEDSCORE is a service designed to help people understand themselves better for career, educational and employment options. At NuuEDSCORE we believe everyone has a unique personality and that they will perceive, process, and retain information differently. NuuEDSCORE's system was designed to specifically address those differences and achieve desired results. We identify learning personality, aptitude, and skills levels, and then provide customized recommendations and content in the areas of skill development, job readiness, career, and education. Our process was successfully tested within a public middle school where we helped students accelerate their reading skills by 70% within two weeks, paving the road for NuuEDSCORE to become an industry innovator.


Our vision is to help everyone get the most from their educational and career pathways by providing a scoring system which identifies individual learning personalities, skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses, and then instantly delivers recommendations and content to foster and empower individual growth and success.


Our Mission is to enable individuals to better understand who they are in order to be paired with the future that most suits them. Whether a student, parent, educator, job seeker, career trainer, or lifelong learner, we want to help, and we can do it in just 90 seconds!