NuuEDScore is a comprehensive algorithm that utilizes multiple criteria to match users with educational, career services, and resources. Our algorithm considere factors such as education, career aspirations, Wellness, life skills, and soft skills in order to provide the best possible matches for every individual. 


NuuFITMeta offers a unique experience in a 3D augmented reality environment. Allowing people of all generations to practice in education and businesses tailored to the user’s individual skills and also allows users to socialize in a safe environment that matches you to individuals who are like minded and share the same interest. Combining 3D augmented reality training along with the meta-verse social environments is our revolutionary approach and is the key to long-term success for those looking to shape their lives for the better. The potential impact of NuuFITMeta in all markets will be astounding. Imagine the benefits that could be realized if this software were utilized in places like schools, workplaces, and more.


NuuFITGO, a revolutionary NuuEDScore reactive parallelism AI software completely revolutionize the way you shop for your favorite items. This new way of retail shopping allows users to take a retail attitude test and get a generate customized shopping list tailored to their needs in just one click. Once you get your Tailored retail list uses click go and NuuFITGO generates a tailored map of the location in that store. Fit, Find , scan Go NuuFITGO.
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