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The NuuEDScoreTM Experience is a visual celebration of people who believe that education is a key to unlock the best possible future.

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Passionate about Education

“Gary Payton is a respected friend and mentor of mine. I credit him with helping me to grow. A pivotal moment for me in that regard involved his invitation to join him and attend a San Francisco 49ers’ football game. I must admit It was a bit surreal for me to be with one of my all time favorite NBA players and also get a glimpse of the celebrity lifestyle.

One of the things that impacted me the most that day was witnessing all of the love people have for GP. To his credit, he showed his sincere appreciation for his fans by graciously granting all of their requests for his autograph and photos with him. That moment made me respect him not just as a great basketball player, but as a great human being.

Gary’s compassion is not limited to his fan base as he is very passionate about education and helping kids. He is truly a NuuEDScoreTM Education Hall of Fame Champion! Thank you Gary Payton for all you do!”

-Derrick Oneal, Founder, Nuued Inc.

My Reading Level Increased

“My reading level increased by two years in 6 weeks! I started at a 6th grade reading level. I am currently at an 8th grade reading level. In the beginning I thought I was a visual learner. Now I learned that I am actually a verbal learner.”

-Mark, 6th Grade Learner (Vallejo Unified)

My Son's Experience

“My son’s experience was fun and he was ready to learn more. His attitude toward school improved because he wanted to stay in the study. I saw a lot better attitude toward learning after the study had ended. I am grateful for the confidence and change in my son’s engagement in his education.”

-Jose S., Proud Parent (Vallejo Unified)

Perfect for Children

“This will be perfect for children and their different types of learning styles! Parents check it out:! We approve!.”

-Alicia H., Home Schooling Mother

An Innovative Approach

“NuuED is an innovative approach to identifying learning personalities.”

-Dr. DeTrice Rodgers,Vice Principal, Dr Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy

Fundamental to Success

“Learning and development are fundamental to success. Learning can be as challenging as it is exhilarating. NuuED Inc.’s Education Credit Score is a resource to help learners succeed.”

“This academic tool can aid learners in feeling more joy and confidence in their abilities to succeed.”

-Dr. Sharon Burton, author, expert in Learning Development

I Knew How I Learned Best

“From beginning to end, my NuuED experience was great. At the end, I knew my learning style. I knew my reading level. I knew how I learn best.

“NuuEDScoreTM has made me realize that we actually have the potential to become something in the future. Thank you for giving me and my classmates this life-changing experience.”

-Ashley, 6th Grade Learner (Vallejo Unified)

Share Your Story

The NuuEDScoreTM movement is growing because of incredible people all over the world. Your story matters.

If you’d like to use your experience to inspire others, please consider sharing your story. We always accept anonymous submissions, and will never share publicly without your permission.

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