What do I do next?

A guide to future success with the NuuED Education Credit Score

Three simple steps

New to NuuED? We're glad to have you here!

On this page, you’ll find everything you need to get started with NuuED Score. 

Step 1: Enjoy your free Education Credit Score
Registration is very simple.  Once you pick a username and choose a password, you’ll select an education level.

Enjoy the simple assessment that follows–don’t overthink it.  A progress bar above the questions will show you how far you’ve come, and how many of the 20 or so questions you’ve answered.

After the assessment, you’ll receive your free overall Education Credit Score.

Step 2: Your full 18-category Education Credit Score Report
Have you ever wondered how you personally learn best?

Your full Education Credit Score report gets into the details of all the factors that roll up into your overall score number.  It is available to everyone by simple subscription, with no additional conditions or obligations.

You’ll find out the details of your personal learning style, and see how you score in categories like memory, learning styles, technology skills, and what kind of environments you learn best in.

You’ll also receive Dynamic Recommended Content just for you: links to helpful information, tools, services, and more.  This content will change every time you return and take the assessment.

You should plan to return periodically and take the assessment.  See how you’ve improved.

Step 3: Share & return
Share your score with your friends, parents, and teachers.

Compare your score with your friends.  See if you can beat them!

Don’t forget to return and take advantage of your Dynamic Recommended Content.  Come back often and measure your success.

Good luck!

Additional learning solutions from NuuED use the results of your Education Credit Score to provide customized learning in all areas of education and improvement.

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Our services employ continuous user analytics and adaptive learning technologies to discover and refine the unique "learning fingerprint" of each user, and custom-tailors content for each user according to the manner in which they learn best.

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